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Welcome to pint.com.au an online beer and brewing resource site.

We are now a couple of years old and are constantly working on the site to bring you more information on beer and brewing. If you have any suggestions for our site please contact us by clicking here. Use the yellow navigation strip at the top of the page to get around pint.com.au. Enjoy.






NEW - The calculators page provides brewing calculations to make brew day a little easier
The Brew Forum is where your home brewing troubles, triumphs and experience can be discussed.
- Hundreds of users!
- Thousands of posts!
The Beer Forum is a page where you can talk about topics of  interests in the world of commercial beers and breweries.
The Directories & Links page aims to give you access to a wide range of beer resources that can be found on the net. It also includes an extensive directory of Australian Home Brew Shops, Breweries and Home Brew Clubs.
The Beer Glossary is based on the Wikimedia software that Wikipedia uses allowing users to add and edit entries.  This is intended to be a resource for all brewers.
The Beer and Brewing Gallery is a place where anyone can upload their beer and brewing pictures.
Regular Tutorials will be posted covering topics including kegging beer, culturing yeast, growing your own hops and more. Let us know if you have a particular topic of interest.
The Beer Humour page has beer quotes, jokes and other fun.

We are pretty excited to get this site up and would appreciate your feedback on what works, what doesn't and what we should consider adding to the site in the future. Please feel free to contact us by clicking here.



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